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Officially named the Republic of Turkey, the country holds significant geostrategic importance globally. Established in 1922, the Republic serves as a vital link between the continents of Europe and Asia. Turkey is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and diverse culture. The economic and tourist hub of Turkey is Istanbul, recognized as one of the world's largest cities. Positioned on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul boasts an ancient history shaped by numerous empires. The city uniquely blends culture, history, and economic vibrancy. Beyond their natural and historical allure, Turkey and Istanbul stand as compelling choices for international students seeking higher education in an exceptional environment.

Currency used in Turkey:

The official currency in Turkey is the new Turkish lira. Each lira unit holds an approximate value equivalent to one US dollar, translating to approximately 26 Turkish lira. The paper currency in circulation encompasses denominations of five liras, ten liras, twenty liras, fifty liras, one hundred liras, and two hundred liras.

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Advantages of pursuing education in Turkey

  • Strategic Location and Diversity: Turkey, situated at the crossroads of East and West, offers a unique blend of climatic, geographical, and cultural diversity, being part of both Asia and Europe.
  • Advanced Infrastructure and E-Learning Support: Turkish universities stand out for their robust infrastructure and strong support for e-learning, creating a distinguished educational environment with a high quality of study.
  • Higher Education Oversight: The Higher Education Board (YÖK) oversees and manages higher education in Turkey.
  • Global Recognition in Scientific Research: Turkey ranks 18th globally in scientific research, demonstrating significant progress in areas such as international journal publications, fund attraction, and scientific innovation.
  • Internationally Recognized Certificates: Certificates and degrees granted by Turkish universities are internationally recognized.
  • Modern University Cities: Turkey's university cities exude modernity, equipped with advanced facilities for scientific research and education, including libraries, laboratories, and sports and cultural amenities.
  • Safe Environment and Affordable Living: Studying in Turkey offers a safe environment with a comparatively low cost of living compared to many European countries.
  • Comprehensive Transportation Network: Turkey boasts an advanced public transportation network, encompassing light rail, metro, buses, taxis, and ferries, ensuring easy and convenient transportation options.

Documents required for admission

  • Original High School Transcript in English: High school transcript must be in English and must be certified by the Jordanian Foreign Ministry, with the name matching the English passport letter by letter.
  • High School Graduation Certificate in English: The high school graduation certificate should be in English and must be certified by the Jordanian Foreign Ministry.
  • Copy of Passport: Clear copy of the passport.
  • Personal Photos: Submit Six personal photos.

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