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Westcliffe University

(Westcliff University)

Established in 1993, Westcliff University is an American institution dedicated to conferring bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees through both traditional and non-traditional education methods, including distance learning. The university is renowned for its diverse array of professional courses that lead to certificates accredited by the institution. Comprising several colleges such as the College of Business Administration, the College of Education, the College of Technology and Engineering, and the College of Law, Westcliff University is situated in Irvine, Southern California. The campus serves as a hub for academic excellence, fostering innovation in curriculum development to meet the latest standards. Westcliff University places a strong emphasis on equipping students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for success in the dynamic job market. The institution is committed to graduating well-rounded individuals who excel on personal, academic, and professional fronts. What sets Westcliff University apart is its commitment to international accreditation, having earned recognition from esteemed bodies such as CHEA, WASC, and ACBSP. Additionally, the university holds local accreditation from the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education, ensuring the global and regional recognition of its degrees.

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Benefits of pursuing online education at Westcliff University:

  • Internationally Accredited Certificates: Students have the advantage of earning internationally accredited certificates recognized by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education, ensuring the global recognition and credibility of their qualifications.
  • Flexible Tuition Payment Plans: Westcliff University offers the flexibility of paying tuition fees in convenient and manageable installments, making education more accessible to a diverse range of students.
  • High-Quality Learning Platform: The university provides a user-friendly, high-quality online platform, facilitating ease of use for students. This platform is designed to enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Expert Faculty: Students benefit from instruction by specialized professors from Westcliff University itself. This ensures a high standard of education delivered by knowledgeable and experienced faculty members.
  • Time and Effort Savings: Online learning eliminates the need for travel, allowing students to save time and effort. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for those pursuing postgraduate certificates while managing other commitments.
  • Student Support System: The university has established a comprehensive system for monitoring and supporting students throughout their entire study period. This support contributes to a positive and effective learning experience.
  • Direct Student-University Interaction: There are no intermediaries between students and the university. This direct connection fosters a transparent and streamlined communication process, ensuring that students can easily access the resources they need.
  • 24/7 Academic and Administrative Support: Students have the privilege of direct communication with the university at any time, both academically and administratively. This continuous support enhances the overall educational experience and ensures that students can address their queries promptly.

Available specialization

  • Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) with a concentration in:
    1. Business Intelligence & Data Analytics (BIDA)
    2. Strategic Leadership for the 21st Century
    3. Information Technology Management
  • Doctorate in Education (EdD) with a concentration in:
    1. Doctor of Education (EdD) in Leadership
    2. Doctor of Education (EdD) in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in:
    1. Strategic and Innovative Leadership
    2. Digital and Strategic Marketing
    3. Financial Management
    4. Global Business
    5. Organizational Management
    6. Entrepreneurship
    7. Data Driven Decision Making
    8. Healthcare Administration
    9. Information Technology Management
    10. Information Technology Project Management
  • Master’s in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL)

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