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The Russian Federation, situated in northern Eurasia, holds the distinction of being the world's largest country by area, encompassing 83 federal entities and boasting a population exceeding 143 million. Moscow, the capital, stands as both the political and cultural heart, ranking as the largest city in Russia. Russia's climate exhibits diversity, featuring moderate summer temperatures and severe winter cold, especially in the northern and Near-Arctic regions. Regions such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg experience a more temperate continental climate. For Jordanian students aspiring to pursue education in Russia, the system mandates a preparatory year dedicated to acquiring proficiency in the Russian language before embarking on university studies. Following this preparatory phase, students can pursue a bachelor's degree in Russian. The preparatory year curriculum encompasses the study of the Russian language alongside relevant scientific subjects tailored to the student's chosen specialization. This preparatory period typically spans 8-10 months. The Russian education system operates on a semester basis, with a summer break during July and August. Russian universities offer a broad spectrum of specializations, allowing Jordanian students to explore diverse fields while fostering proficiency in the Russian language as a medium of instruction. This approach ensures a comprehensive educational experience for international students in Russia.

Currency used in Russia

The official currency of Russia is the Russian Ruble (RUB), and it serves as the primary monetary unit in the country's financial and commercial transactions. The symbol for the Russian ruble is "₽". As one of the major countries globally, Russia relies on the ruble for all its economic activities, underlining its significance in the nation's financial landscape.

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Advantages of pursuing education in Russia:

  • Excellent Education: Russian universities are renowned for delivering high-quality medical programs, ensuring a top-notch education for students.
  • Recognition by Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education: Degrees obtained from Russian universities are recognized and accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education, adding credibility to the qualifications.
  • Advanced Educational Environment: Russian educational institutions offer state-of-the-art facilities and a faculty of specialized professors, creating an advanced learning environment.
  • International Experience: Studying in Russia provides an invaluable opportunity to immerse oneself in diverse cultures, fostering a global perspective and expanding one's knowledge horizon.
  • Reasonable Tuition Costs: Russia offers a cost-effective option for obtaining an excellent education, making it accessible for students seeking quality education without exorbitant expenses.
  • Continuation of Specialty Studies: Graduates have the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in their specialty within Russian universities, facilitating further specialization and career advancement.

Documents required for admission

  • Original High School Transcript (English): The high school transcript in English, certified by the Jordanian Foreign Ministry. The student's name in English must precisely match the passport, letter by letter.
  • Passport Copy: A copy of the passport with a validity of at least two years.
  • Recent Personal Color Photo: A recent personal color photo with dimensions of 4 x 6 cm.

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